Democracy is not dull or passive; it is lively and robust.

Youth engagement goes beyond giving young people a voice. Youth engagement is about ensuring young people are valued and that their contribution is respected, considered and  acted upon. Meaningful youth engagement is a partnership where together, we build a genuine sense of ownership of decision-making and vision sharing.

Municipality of Vrilissia  and Municipality of N. Skoufa encourage  youth  and  young  people,  youth  structures,  civil  society  and  other relevant stakeholders to come together in this forum and create a fruitful process of collaboration between the community and municipal authority.

Also young people from municipalities of Stara Zagora (Bulgaria), Siena (Italy), and Riga (Latvia) are encouraged to participate in the forum and share their ideas for this matter Their participation will not  take part in the project evaluation.

Representative from each municipality will contact the youth teams that have submitted a proposal, idea, or request and agree with them on the next steps.




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